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Biometric Time Attendance System Dubai

The tracking of time and attendance in most organizations is scathing these days. The time attendance software as an automation tool helps operate and manage its employee data.


The primary purpose of the time attendance software is to maintain a well-organized, rich, and cost-efficient personnel.

EIS provides you with a Biometric Time Attendance System in Dubai, UAE that is helpful in the following ways:


Decrease the risk of human error and set the seal on a simple, unbiased, and orderly method.


Increase in productivity and security by following a smooth process and making the daily work and operations more convenient.


Reduced costs, it takes a lot of time to manually collect data and keep track of the time and attendance of each & every employee working in your organization. The decrease in costs also put an end to the imprecise time report and retardation.


Lining up and managing day-off requests is an important part of sustaining a satisfied workforce. With an increase in the satisfaction of employees, concerns such as turnover may fiercely decrease. With automated software, it is possible to quickly analyze, ratify, and address absence requests and oversee planned absences to minimize their out-turn on your company.