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Door Access Control Device Installation Services In Dubai

Welcome to our premier Door Access Control Device Installation Services in the vibrant city of Dubai. As pioneers in the security industry, EXTENSIVE IT SERVICES understands the significance of safeguarding your premises and assets effectively. Our expert team is equipped with cutting-edge knowledge and experience to provide tailored access control solutions that align seamlessly with your security needs.

When it comes to protecting your spaces, our door access control devices stand as the first line of defense. From single-door systems to complex multi-site installations, we offer a comprehensive range of access control solutions to secure your residential, commercial, or industrial properties.

What is a Door Access Control System Device?

An Access Control System Device is a security technology used to regulate and manage entry and exit to a physical location or area. It is designed to enhance security, monitor access, and restrict unauthorized individuals from gaining entry to specific premises or sensitive areas within a facility. Access control systems have evolved from traditional lock-and-key methods to more advanced electronic and digital solutions.

The primary components of an Access Control System Device typically include:


Access Control Panels


Access Control Readers


Locking Mechanisms


Access Control Software




Access Control Server

How does it work?

An Access Control System Device operates by verifying the presented credentials against the stored database and granting access rights based on predefined rules and permissions. Access can be restricted by time, location, and user roles, enabling administrators to customize access privileges for different individuals or groups.

Access Control System Devices find applications in various settings, including offices, educational institutions, government facilities, residential complexes, data centers, healthcare facilities, and industrial sites. They provide enhanced security, convenience, and flexibility in managing access to critical areas, reducing the risk of unauthorized entry, and improving overall security protocols.

What are the benefits of a Door / Gate Access Control system?

Physical Access Control System Devices offer numerous benefits, providing tangible security enhancements and operational advantages for various organizations and facilities. Some of the key benefits of implementing a physical Access Control System Device include:


Enhanced Security


Controlled Access


Customizable Access Privileges


Real-time Monitoring


Alarm and Event Management


Audit Trail and Reporting


Integration with Other Systems


Centralized Management


Time-based Access


Visitor Management


Reduced Physical Key Management


Remote Access Control


Cost Savings

Different types of Access Control System Solutions Available

Physical Access Control System solutions come in various forms, each designed to cater to specific security needs and preferences. Some of the common types of physical Access Control System solutions include:

1 –   Card-based Access Control

2 –   Biometric Access Control

3 –   Keypad Access Control

4 –   Proximity Access Control

5 –   Smart Card Access Control

6 –   Turnstiles and Access Gates

7 –   Long-Range Access Control

8 –   Visitor Management Systems

9 –   Elevator Access Control

10 –   Gate Access Control

11 –   Mobile Access Control

12 –   Intercom and Video Entry Systems

13 –   Anti-passback Access Control

14 –   Mantrap Access Control

15 –   Barrier Access Control

Top multinational brands Access Control devices Available

Several top multinational brands are known for offering physical Access Control devices in Dubai. Some of the top multinational brands offering physical Access Control devices in Dubai include:

1 –   HID Global


3 –   Axis Communications

4 –   Honeywell

5 –   Bosch Security Systems

6 –   Johnson Controls (Tyco)

7 –   Gallagher Group

8 –   LenelS2

9 –   Suprema

10 –   Nedap

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At our core, we prioritize your security and privacy. Our services adhere to the highest industry standards, and our team ensures the confidentiality and integrity of your access control system throughout the installation process.

With our Door Access Control Device Installation Services in Dubai, you can embrace a future of enhanced security, seamless access management, and peace of mind. Trust us to fortify your spaces and protect what matters most to you, as we pave the way for a safer and smarter world.